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Perth Biodesign

Digital Health 2022


Transform Healthcare Through Digital Innovation

The digital age provides a unique opportunity to alleviate many present-day healthcare challenges. Professionals who can inject highly effective digital approaches can dramatically improve healthcare. This course explored how technological advances are revolutionising patient care, while learning the Biodesign needs-driven innovation process to improve patient outcomes.  

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Build Innovation Capacity
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Leverage Digital Tools
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Understand Digital Health 
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Upskill Current Practice

What Participants Gained? 


Knowledge of the digital health sector 


Knowledge of innovation methodologies such as human centred design thinking to create concept solutions in digital health


Agile and rapid prototype development skills, including low-fidelity & high-fidelity design


Creation of a clickable digital health solution prototype


An introductory understanding of the different aspects of digital health commericalisation


Deep connections into the digital innovation ecosystem 


Soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and conflict management by working in a multidisciplinary team environment 

Who Benefited?

This course was specifically designed for: 

  • Software developers and IT professionals

  • Healthcare professionals 

  • Business professionals

  • Postdoctoral researchers and academic staff

However, we welcomed all aspiring entrepreneurs and innovation staff with a passion for digital health



How it Worked?

The program duration was 4 months and required an overall time commitment of 8 hours/week.


This commitment was inclusive of weekly in-person sessions delivered by Perth Biodesign course faculty, our partner, Skills of the Modern Age, and a variety of subject specialists for 2 hours on a Wednesday evening. Please refer to Our Team to read about course faculty.  

Prior to weekly sessions, participants were placed in multidisciplinary teams and were assigned mentors to provide expert guidance.

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What Was the Process?

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Administered & Sponsored by

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Other Sponsors

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Perth Biodesign for Digital Health was initiated as a result of seed funding from the X-TEND WA program, New Industries Fund

The New Industries Fund is managed by the Department

of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Digital Health 2022 Teams

Meet the 2022 Teams and Mentors

Team 1:  Waitless

Team 2:  Matilda

Team 3:  Tria Health

Team 4:  Bunji

Our 2022 Management Team

Our team Digita Health 2022
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Dr Simon Graindorge
Course Director

Dr Simon Graindorge is the Chief Operating Officer at OncoRes Medical and also Entrepreneur in Residence at IP Group Australia. Simon has spent almost 20 years as an investor and operator in medical device and digital health companies in the UK.


He has extensive experience as both an operating executive and board director investing in, building and growing start-ups, early stage and emerging growth companies based on early-stage, deep technology innovations across healthcare. Before joining IP Group Australia as an Operating Partner, Simon was a Partner in the UK life sciences team at IP Group plc, leading investment strategy and portfolio in medtech and digital health/healthtech. Over the last decade he has invested in and helped build companies like Tissue Regenix Group plc, Oxehealth, Creavo Medical Technologies, Intelligent Ultrasound Group plc, Ibex Innovations and Pancregenesis.


Simon joined IP Group from Ceramex Ltd, a corporate spin-out of the Hexadex Group and was previously an Executive Director at Tissue Regenix Group plc. Simon holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Western Australia, and Bachelor degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, and is also a Chartered Engineer.

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Richard Macliver
Course Director

Richard Macliver is the former Innovation Lead at the Child and Adolescent Health Service which provides health and care to the children and adolescents of Western Australia including the world-class Perth Children's Hospital and accounts for over 6,000 staff. Richard has worked across the healthcare innovation spectrum ranging from a digital therapeutic start-up reversing type two diabetes globally with world-leading clinician Michael Mosley to working as a strategy consultant at PwC in large healthcare technology providers. Richard was the inaugural co-Director for the Perth Biodesign Digital Health Accelerator last year. He is the Program Delivery Lead for the Australian Clinical Entrepreneur Program.


Richard is skilled in human-centred design, communication, and health technology development to understand complex problems and design solutions that improve the experience and outcomes of clinicians and patients. Richard applies these skills to assist clinicians and healthcare innovators to develop innovative solutions to tackle the biggest challenges facing patients, families, clinicians and health systems. 


Richard is passionate about growing the healthcare innovation ecosystem in Australia and in Western Australia through empowering local clinicians and changemakers to collaborate to solve the biggest challenges facing our health systems and patients.

Oliver Bazzani.jfif
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Oliver Bazzani
Course Director

​Oliver is a founder, investor, and educator, with over seven years experience working across technology, investment, strategy, and growth. He has worn multiple hats, including Director, Growth Lead, Facilitator, Mentor, and Product Manager. As a result, he has been lucky to learn from and collaborate with hundreds of innovators, founders, corporate leaders, and investors from across Australia, Canada, and the US. 


Driven by his passion for tackling big problems, Oliver has worked throughout the innovation ecosystem, including developing programs for the first Indigenous Angel investors, early-stage Founders, and Health System Innovators; to building a co-working and performance space for Regional Creatives. 


His interest in healthcare was sparked during his participation in Perth Biodesign for Digital Health 2020, where he and his team sought to solve the problem of finding the psychologist that's right for you. Their solution, Charli, was recognised as the winner of the 2020 Perth Biodesign program and 2020 Freo Startup Fest. 


Currently, Oliver invests and connects Founders to their first cheques with the Perth Angels Investor Group, guides the next generation of healthcare innovators as Program Designer for the Australian Clinical Entrepreneur Program, supports the growth of the Child and Adolescent Health Service's innovation function and empowers artists across Western Australia as the Chairperson of Regional Arts WA.

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Michelle Luca
Course Coordinator

Michelle was the Biomedical Innovation Program Manager, responsible for managing the Perth Biodesign programs.


Michelle has a decade of experience in the Western Australian healthcare and education technology sectors. She completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Curtin University in 2010 and has worked across many public hospitals as a senior clinical pharmacist.


Michelle was formerly the Research Partnership and Engagement Manager at Cinglevue International, a research-led education technology solutions provider, responsible for advancing strategic research by enabling collaborative research initiatives with universities, research partners and stakeholders.


Michelle has also completed postgraduate qualifications in fitness, based on her strong personal interests in sport. Michelle’s broad range of work experience allows her to provide new and innovative perspectives in research, engagement, innovation, promotion and educational technology.


A category 3 patient referred for a public hospital outpatient appointment (e.g. with an orthopaedic surgeon) can wait years before even having their first appointment. During this time, there is minimal engagement between hospitals and patients, and no advice provided to patients about what they can be doing to best manage their condition while they wait. This means their condition is likely to continue to decline. For many conditions, including hip and knee osteoarthritis which we have focused on, there is clear evidence that conservative management approaches (e.g. exercise, education) improves symptoms and outcomes, and reduces the need for surgery. 

We aim to empower uptake of conservative management in patients on public hospital wait lists. To achieve this, our solution educates patients about the benefits of conservative management, connects them with available support services, monitors their progress, and allows them to easily take themselves off a waitlist if they no longer feel the need for surgery. We anticipate that this will filter out patients who do not really want or need surgery, reducing the number of patients on the waitlist and ensuring hospital resources are used on those who need it most.


Team Members

Angus Pyle.jpg

Angus Pyle

Management Consultant
Business, Finance and Mathematics

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Angus Pyle has been working as a Management Consultant for Visagio over the past year and a half. He has worked primarily on data visualisation and reporting, with some other work completed in simulation and modelling.

Angus is currently studying a degree in Financial Mathematics from Curtin University, focussed on operations research and optimisation.

Emel Rothzerg.jpg
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Emel Rothzerg

PhD Student/
Research Assistant

Oncology, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics

Emel Rothzerg is a UWA graduate with a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science and medical research. Emel has been working together with a multi-disciplinary team of lead scientists and clinicians to develop a prognostic marker for osteosarcoma patients. Meanwhile, she has built up her research and publication profile both nationally and internationally. She also delivered substantial contributions in leadership, teaching and management. Emel is the Vice President (Research) of the UWA Postgraduate Students’ Association and she has been heavily involved in the sustainable development goals.

Jack Dalla Via_Headshot.jpg

Jack Dalla Via

Postdoctoral Research

Exercise and Nutrition, Cancer Survivorship, Musculoskeletal Health

Jack is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Institute for Nutrition Research at Edith Cowan University. Jack received his PhD from Deakin University in 2020. His doctoral research investigated the role of exercise and nutrition in managing musculoskeletal adverse effects of prostate cancer treatment. His current research focuses on developing and evaluating novel approaches to better deliver effective and accessible exercise and diet support for cancer survivors and those living with chronic disease.

reuben pic.png
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Reuben Fox

Physiotherapy, Photography, Conservative Management of Complex Pain

An innovative, passionate, and creative Senior Physiotherapist with 7 years of experience managing a diverse client base. Reuben has gained invaluable experience in a variety of different health settings including; private practice, private/public hospital, and nursing home. He has proven ability to envision, innovate, and drive a variety of projects, requiring leadership qualities, creativity, and support for team members. Recent completion of Reuben's Master of Clinical Physiotherapy has provided a wealth of inspiration/ideas on beneficial methods which solve key industry health problems.


Adam James.jpg
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Adam James

Caledenia Advisory

Adam has over 15 years’ experience across research and technology commercialisation and complex systems transformation. He holds a degree in Neuroscience (Pharmacology), an MBA and is WA committee member for Ausbiotech; the representative body for the life sciences sector in Australia. He is a founder of Emyria (ASX:EMD) and is a Foundational Fellow of the Collaboration for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) UCL UK. We works with investors and founders to identify, support and commercialise early stage science led companies.

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Ian Varughese

Information Systems Architect
Axonium &
Modillion Technology

Ian is an experienced Information Systems Specialist who has delivered custom web solutions for complex problems in health, education, and finance sectors, as director of Modillion Technology and Axonium. Most recently, he created a bespoke reporting and management system for the HealthNext (cloud transformation) project at the Department of Health WA. A former Analytics Manager at Deloitte, he has developed critical data systems for health infrastructure projects in Australia worth $6 billion, and designed solutions for Ramsay Health Care, Perth Children's Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, and various government departments.

Surrey Hughes.jfif
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Surrey Hughes

Engineering Manager

Surrey is a passionate business oriented technologist who holds an optimistic vision for the future. Having founded four businesses and worked across the telecoms, energy and now healthcare industries he has a broad view of what works and what doesn’t in practical terms.  He is a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats and lighting another’s candle doesn’t dim the light, but brightens it for all.


Matilda is a place where people with endometriosis can get timely access to expert holistic care from the comfort of their own home, with the encouragement of the 'Tilly Tribe', Matilda's supportive peer community. Matilda is a cohort-based online program that empowers people with endometriosis to take control of their health and implement positive evidence-based behaviours to improve their symptoms before or after laparoscopic surgery.


Team Members

pic Joanna.jpg
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Joanna Morris

Continence and Women's Health

Joanna is a Continence and Womens Health Physiotherapist, graduating from Curtin University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and in 2018 with a Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy in Continence and Womens Health.  Joanna spent the early years of her Physiotherapy career working in both the public and private hospital sector before making the switch to private practice to solely treat pelvic health patients. Joanna specialises in the management of bladder and bowel dysfunction in both men and women, as well as the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, female sexual dysfunction, and antenatal and postnatal disorders. Her primary interest is in treating women diagnosed with endometriosis as she enjoys the holistic management and challenge of optimising symptoms of this chronic disease. Joanna currently works at Body Logic Pelvic Health in Subiaco.

Kevin Wernli pic.png
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Kevin Wernli

Physiotherapist/ Codesign and Research

Physiotherapy, Research, Communication, Videography

Kevin is a physiotherapist and academic with a PhD in low back pain who is passionate about using technology to enable equitable, evidence-based, and effective healthcare. He has numerous publications in highly ranked research Journals, has presented at multiple international conferences, has run several free local and rural community events, produces and co-hosts the top-rated ‘Empowered Beyond Pain’ podcast, and has enjoyed various grant successes. Skilled in teaching, communication, and knowledge translation (by producing infographics, podcasts, and videos), he is an inquisitive, non-judgemental, solution-focused life-long learner.

M.Woloszyn profile picture 1.JPG
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Maggie Woloszyn

Project Manager - Strategy and Governance, Department of Health
Start-ups, Healthcare, Innovation, Business development

Having worked in London, San Francisco and now Perth, Maggie has extensive experience leading healthcare innovation projects across a range of unmet clinical needs. She is skilled in business development, product management, marketing, data insights and strategic business planning. She has a proven track record for developing and leveraging partnerships, navigativing roadblocks and scaling growth in complex healthcare organisations. Maggie chooses to work with incredible people on game-changing, patient-centric projects in the healthcare environment.

pic Niamh .jpg
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Niamh Troy

Immunology, Respiratory and Computational Biology

Niamh is a passionate child-health researcher at the Wal-yan Respiratory Centre at the Telethon Kids Institute. She uses big data to study the immune system in babies who get lung infections and asthma with the ultimate goal of disease prevention. Niamh has ten years’ research experience and has led several successful projects to completion to attract further funding. She is a STEM Ambassador for WA, extending her leadership beyond her research and increasing STEM skills in WA through public engagement. Niamh is the co-winner of the WA Premier’s PhD Scientist of the Year 2021, awarded for her contribution to STEM in WA. She has recently completed her PhD and is actively seeking opportunities to engage with innovative and entrepreneurial leaders, to tackle new challenges and to positively impact health in WA.


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Carlo Bellini

Health Innovation Performance Consulting

Dr Carlo Bellini is a leadership, healthcare and innovation expert. He runs his own boutique consultancy, Health Innovation Performance (HIP) Consulting where he works with executives and leaders who seek to innovate and transform their organisations to deliver higher performance.


Carlo is a specialist in change in complex health systems, with deep experience in both large corporates and agile startups. He consulted for the Boston Consulting Group in Australia and Japan, was Chief Medical Officer at Chevron Australia, an early employee at a Silicon Valley based AI start-up, and was the first Western Australian to study at the Google and NASA-sponsored Singularity University. His global and multi-disciplinary career enables him to move fluently between clinical, business, and tech domains, encompassing both large corporations and startups.


Carlo graduated valedictorian of his University of Western Australia medical class. In 2016, Carlo was recognised as Australian Financial Review Young Executive of the Year and one of Western Australia's “40under40” leading entrepreneurs. He also holds an MBA from Oxford University, where he graduated on the Dean's Commendation List.

Renee Hallam.png
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Renee Hallam

Executive Team, Senior Advisor Innovation and Commercialisation
Telethon Kids Institute

A visionary business and people leader with strong personal values, Renee brings experience across a range of industries and a track record spanning end-to-end operations, sales and marketing, consulting, technology, health and safety, innovation, research and development, portfolio management and executive leadership. Skilled in grass roots capability development and project delivery through to executive leadership Renee has a strong orientation to customer outcome and brings a unique mix of business astuteness with a growth mindset and deep care for the organisation and team she belongs to and the customers she serves.

Renee's professional experience includes senior leadership roles in not-for-profit, corporate and consulting. She has a track record in helping organisations achieve their potential, delivering great outcomes for members, shareholders and community. Renee has strong personal values and builds positive cultures, guiding strategy, navigating change and instilling governance and performance.

Rob Sardual pic.jpg
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Robert Sardual

Engineering Manager

Robert is a creative, passionate, and dedicated IT think-tank with more than 15 years of experience on managing, planning, complex designing, development.

An out-of-the-box solution’s provider and a client-oriented creator with solid strengths on analysis, business, process re-engineering, and project and team management.

There is a niche group of people with multi-skills, noted photo memory, mental focus, and strives to hone them to perfection - Robert is one of them.

Julian Cropped.png
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Julian Shapley

Glucose Republic Ltd.

Entrepreneur in Residence
Biodesign Australia

A medical device innovator, entrepreneur and leader with over 20 years of research, development and operational experience, Dr Shapley was instrumental in the inception, development, formation, and financing of Cellnovo.


As a biochemist and mechanical design engineer, and following post-doctoral experience within university and commercial development, Julian developed the founding technologies within the Cellnovo system, led cross-functional teams from ideation through to regulatory approval, led the quality team and design-for-manufacture, and the setup of a prototype manufacturing line. In the role of Chief Science Officer, he then focused on the continued protection and expansion of Cellnovo’s IP portfolio, business development activities and the integration of external technologies.


More recently, Julian has founded Glucose Republic, a company combining biology and software to help people eat and live better. Glucose Republic is building a personalised intelligence system for measuring and predicting metabolic responses to the food we eat and the exercise we take.


Dr Shapley has recently relocated to Australia having been awarded an Australian Global Talent Visa and is the inaugural Biodesign Australia Entrepreneur in Residence.

Tria Health

The mental health system is overwhelmed. GPs, Headspace centres and emergency departments are inundated and the healthcare workforce is dwindling and exhausted. With ~40,000 12-17 year olds in WA having a diagnosable mental health illness and 80% of these not receiving care,  experts have called for urgent action to tackle the nation’s deepening youth mental health crisis.  As teenagers push away from family to peers, parents lose confidence in communication, feeling lost and uncertain as they navigate a broken mental health system. With many parents considered “part of the problem”,  it is unsurprising that less than a third used services to help support their child. Parent help is often an addendum on mental health websites - making them feel like afterthoughts in their adolescents' struggle. 

Imagine a digital solution, revolutionising the journey for parents.  Removing uncertainty,  providing timely, targetted, fit-for-purpose support. With evidenced-based, clinically endorsed resources, our curated tools improve understanding and communication. Connecting with a support navigator provides that human connection guiding through the mental health miasma. With a shared passion for mental health and a deep awareness of the problem, our team puts the needs of parents first.  At Tria Health, we engage, support and empower the parents.

Tria Health

Team Members

Anna Pic .jpg
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Anna Duong

Software Developer
Medical Imaging Data

Anna graduated from UWA with a bachelor in Software Engineering and Data Science and has since been working with Singular Health in improving personalised health care. To Anna it is always rewarding hearing the outcome of her work and the first hand experiences are what motivates her in this industry. Anna's biggest passion in life is to help improve the lives of others, whether it be by giving a smile with some kind words or by drastically improving their standard of living.

Headshot Deirdre.jpg

Deirdre Criddle

Clinical Pharmacist and Researcher
Medication Management Across Care Transitions

Deirdre is an Advanced Practice Pharmacist

working in an interdisciplinary team as an outreach clinical pharmacist. She has 30 years’ experience working across various countries and healthcare settings, including academia, industry, primary care and hospital. She is passionate about improving medication management in vulnerable populationsthrough research and innovation. Deirdre believes a greater focus should be given to patient centred outcomes for meaningful healthcare reform.

pic_Reuben wise miller.png
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Reuben Wise-Miller

Business Development Manager
Business Development, Strategy, and Product Development

Reuben is an inquisitive and collaborative professional with skills in business development, product design, and strategy aquired through a range of professional and volunteer positions, and background in neuroscience, anatomy and human biology. With an initial focus on mental health, Reuben is currently working to identify critical needs and collaborate with mental health professionals to create a solution designed to improve client wellbeing and enhance clinical capabilities. Reuben’s future goal is to apply these understandings to create scaled solutions within wider healthcare. Reuben is the WA Business Development Manager at the global consulting company Lee Hecht Harrison, where he works directly with the managing director to execute the full sales and business development process from prospecting, closing sales, managing customer relationships, sales strategy, marketing, and event and course design.

tizi pic_edited.png
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Tiziana Bufacchi

Senior Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health in Chronic Disease

Tiziana is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who works in a tertiary hospital with children, teens and families on mental health issues associated with having a chronic condition. Tiziana also worked for many years in Italy and Switzerland as Trainer for Health Professionals, running interactive workshops in Child Mental Health, Psychological Interventions in Chronic Disease and Patient Empowerment. She has a strong interest in Innovation in mental health and wellbeing of young people with T1D and her work is grounded in narrative and family therapy, attachment theory, patient engagement techniques and psychological interventions in T1D. She has a holistic and systemic approach and is interested in personalised medicine, digital health and mental health solutions to provide a better support to people with mental health issues, their families and for clinicians working with them. In Australia and internationally.


Simeon Alva.jfif
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Simeon Alva

Senior Product Manager

Simeon is currently a part of Healthengine’s Product team, on a mission to modernise healthcare, and he is a long-time member of the Perth Product community. Simeon has recently started with Healthengine and he believes that is is very exciting to be a part of the evolution of healthcare! He loves to create value for people and organisations and is passionate about Product. Additionally, Simeon possesses significant experience working with Product - leading multi-disciplinary agile teams and broad business management skills from a prior career in the Banking Industry. 

Simon Jennings.jfif
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Simon Jennings

Group Manager, Platforms (Core and Clinical)
Silver Chain Group

Simon has extensive experience within the public and private health and aged care sector with over 15 years’ experience across the UK and Australia. He is a strategic thinker with a strong connection to practical planning and has led many major clinical software implementations. He has also defined and delivered technology strategies and architecture. Simon has exceptional clinical / care staff engagement expertise with a strong understanding of health and aged care operations across multiple settings. Alongside his main role running the key applications, data and integration teams at Silver Chain, Simon also lectures at Curtin University in the field of Health Informatics and Digital Health.

Tracey Head Shot Sept 2021.jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Dr Tracey Wilkinson

Director Stakeholder Engagement WA

Tracey has over 13 years' experience in the Medtech, Biotech, Pharma and Digital Health (MTP) sector across research, start-up and tech transfer roles. Currently Director Stakeholder Engagement WA at the MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub, she works to accelerate growth of the MTP sector in WA and Australia. Operating at the interface of government, industry and the research sector, Tracey loves to build connected communities and support innovators to translate their innovations into real-world outcomes. Tracey co-founded an award-winning bioinformatics analysis start-up prior to completing a PhD in bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne.


In Australia, over 310,000 presentations to public Australia emergency departments (EDs) were mental health-related, which is 3.8% of all presentations. The rates of intentional self-harm hospitalizations are consistently high for young people aged 15-24 with mood disorders including depression. Unfortunately, there is little follow-up support after ED discharge resulting in readmissions to the ED and an increased risk of suicide attempts. People experience the period right after discharge as stressful and chaotic, feeling left in the dark with no information and support. 

This is why we developed Bunji, a digital companion for people with lived mental health experiences. The app Bunji provides 24/7 access to information and support immediately post-discharge. This AI assistant is able to interact with the patient and provide answers to questions, book appointments with community mental health services and link them to peers. Bunji pro-actively reaches out to the user and with a daily check-in, early signs of relapse can be noticed.  

Why should the ED be the default way of entering the health care system, while there is more appropriate care just around the corner? Bunji is there to connect you to the right care in the community.  


Team Members

Mide pic .jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Ayomide Ogundipe

Pharmacy Practice, Digital Health Transformation

Ayomide is an early career pharmacist with experience in community pharmacy, policy and advocacy, teaching and research. Ayomide has successfully coordinated and introduced a number of innovative programs and services to her practice, including the Your Health Expo for the Pharmacy 777 Group, demonstrating her capability in project coordination. Notably, her passion, organisation skills and professional reputation have earned her a national award, the 2019 MIMS PSA Intern Pharmacist of the Year. Passionate about digital health transformation, Ayomide is determined to make a meaningful contribution to the Pharmacy profession and is currently researching the technological needs of pharmacists to enable contemporary pharmacy practice in current and emerging roles.

Joel Tan - pic.jpg

Joel Tan


Joel caught the research bug while majoring in public health in 2006. Since then, his primary focus has been on quantitative epidemiological research. Joel has had the opportunity to lead research projects in the areas of sleep health, food safety risk assessments and oral health. He recently developed and launched a kids ministry program and is presently dividing his time between the program and part-time study in chronic illness.

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Marcus Voola

Clinical Audiologist

Marcus is currently completing his PhD at the University of Western Australia, on track to finish in November 2022. Whilst completing his PhD, Marcus has also been working as a clinical audiologist throughout Perth’s major tertiary hospitals – specialising in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with vestibular disorders. In addition, he has also been working as the Operations and Strategy Lead at a crypto-currency start-up.  Throughout all his experiences, Marcus has developed his understanding of what it takes to maintain successful relationships and how to tackle complex challenges

Pic Renee Tan .jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Renee S. J. Tan

Community Pharmacist

Renee is a pharmacist with over 13 years of experience in various community pharmacies in WA. Throughout her career, Renee has taken on pharmacist in charge and managerial roles through which she has developed strong interpersonal and leadership skills. In addition, Renee is also the founder of Connect Flow Australia, a start-up which aims to improve communication within the healthcare industry by digitally bringing together the various healthcare providers. She is looking forward to pursing the next step in her professional development by increasing her involvement in the digital health space and taking on opportunities in that space.

Babette Zwaard.jfif
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Babette Zwaard

Product Owner eHealth
Human Movement Science

Babette Zwaard is from the Netherlands. After graduating from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a MSc in Human Movement Science in 2018, she started her career as a clinical researcher at a Medtech start-up developing a medical device for Parkinson’s patients. A year ago, Babette started as Product Owner eHealth at a company developing exergames to stimulate the elderly and people in rehabilitation to exercise. As such, although she has already gained some experience in the field of health innovations, Babette is keen to be involved from the first stage of product development and learn more about design thinking, prototyping and business development.


Charles Poulsen.jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Charles Poulsen

Healthcare CTO
Microsoft Australia

Charles Poulsen has been at Microsoft for over 7 years focusing on healthcare, human services, education and government. He currently works in Microsoft Australia’s healthcare team as the national CTO. Charles works with Microsoft industry executives, customers, and partners to help them meet their business objectives using Microsoft technology. Prior to Microsoft, Charles spent many years in solution architecture, consulting and development covering technologies like integration, security, integration and app development platforms.

Katerina Andronis.jfif
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Katerina Andronis

Chief Technology Officer

Katerina Andronis is a senior IT and Change Management  professional, Katerina has contributed her expertise to leading organisations as an industry advisor and consultant in the development and delivery of multi-million dollar and leading edge business and process initiatives.

Katerina's experience extends across IT, Patient and Clinical Management, Research and developing road maps for innovative organisational change. Katerina identifies business and clinical processes, evaluate the core priorities of the organisation, and develop an implementation strategy all based on present and future technologies which support and enables the business.

Katerina has an extensive IT background with knowledge and has a depth of knowledge of best business practice and information management in Health Care. Katerina is an industry advisor, consultant, analyst and manager, team builder and leader. She facilitates cooperation and collaboration, with a global network of resources, and incorporates people development and succession planning in all of her activities. Her previous roles include CIO of Ramsay Health Care hospitals, Peter Mac Callum Cancer and 10 years as a Director, Health Life Science and Health Care Industry,, Deloitte in Melbourne.  Currently working as the Chief Technology Officer for Beamtree (formerly Potential(x)) and consultant for Abano Health Care.

Tudor Groza.png
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Tudor Groza

Phenomics Team Lead
European Bioinformatics Institute

Tudor Groza is a Computer Scientist with 15 years experience and a PhD in representing and processing structured knowledge in the precision medicine domain. His work spans across various dimensions of the research - clinical care continuum, from devising algorithms to support clinical decision-making in the rare disorders field, to standardisation of clinical terminology (in the context of the Undiagnosed Diseases Network – International or the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) and integration with national public and private health systems.


A particular area of interest is computational phenotyping in rare disorders – where Tudor's work aims to improve the diagnostic odyssey of rare disorder patients. He has developed algorithms to gain a deeper understanding of the triumvirate phenotype – gene – disease and applied them to disease exploration or patient stratification in primary care. In addition, he is the main developer of several innovative platforms for clinical deep phenotyping and knowledge curation, currently used in production around the world.

pic _simon.jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Simon Thuijs

Senior Consultant
Digital Strategy & Organisational Behaviour


Simon is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, where he leads Innovation for the Human Capital Consulting team. He helps ideate, design, launch and manage software that supports consulting teams – bringing people from across disciplines to make that happen.


He’s experienced in the creative communications and digital strategy industry, having worked for Meerkats (now Wunderman Thompson) and The Brand Agency. There he led teams to implement new websites, select and implement technology systems, and design user-led experiences for customers. He was Young Strategist of the Young (ADMA; Australia) and WA’s Supernova of the Year in 2018.


He’s also an avid hockey player, and a Provisional Psychologist. He’s doing his Master of Organisational Psychology at UWA and completing a professional placement in BHP’s Global Mental Health team.


Mental ill health is both an area of interest and lived experience for Simon. He comes with passion and real-world insight into the structure of the health system, evidence-based practice, and best approaches to customer experience.

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