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Biodesign Bootcamp

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Biodesign bootcamps are an accelerated two full-days of learning and applying the Biodesign methodology for those wanting to learn how to identify and validate clinical unmet needs, ideate a viable solution and translate the innovation within a complex healthcare environment 


Course faculty and guest speakers from the health technology field provide hands-on coaching and share knowledge that illustrates critical steps in the biodesign innovation process  

What Is Covered?

Anchor 1


  • How to identify clinical unmet needs

  • Need characterisation and validation with end-users

  • Existing solution gap analysis

  • Stakeholder and Market Analysis

DAY 2 

  • Brainstorming Solutions

  • Intellectual Property

  • Reimbursement and Regulatory Fundamentals

  • Business Model and Implementation Strategy

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Venue: TBD

What Is The Cost?


$150 inclusive of GST


$270 inclusive of GST 


$390 inclusive of GST

*Members include staff or members of The University of Western Australia, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Western Australian Health Translation Network, Curtin University, Telethon Kids Institute, Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, Ear Science Institute Australia, Australian Medical Association of Western Australia and The BridgeTech Program. 

Who Benefits?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs 

  • Innovation staff & faculty who support commericialisation

  • Postdoctoral, researchers and academics

  • Clinicians & allied health professionals 

  • Executives interested in the healthcare space

  • Professionals who are time poor or considering Biodesign Medtech or Digital Health courses

"The Bootcamp is one of the most informative sessions I have attended. Working in a Medtech startup, it helped me focus and prioritise different phases. I will be suggesting to have all new employees attend the bootcamp"

- Feb 2021 Bootcamp Attendee


"Incredible fast paced learning with amazing lecturers delivering a very broad range of relevant content for anyone interested in the biomedical/medtech space" 

- Oct 2021 Bootcamp Attendee


"The biodesign bootcamp is an excellent introduction to the process of developing a medical technology device and service.  It is systematic and comprehensive, clearly explaining the steps from ideas to funding and roll out"

- May 2021 Bootcamp Attendee

Administered & Sponsored by

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Other Sponsors




The Biodesign Bootcamp program was initiated as a result of seed funding from the X-TEND WA program, New Industries Fund

The New Industries Fund is managed by the Department

of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

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