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Students at The University of Western Australia enrolled in Master of Professional Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), or an associated Combined Degree are able to undertake Biodesign units.


The Master of Professional Engineering course is a professionally accredited engineering degree for students who have completed undergraduate studies in engineering. Students specialise in a program of engineering and undertake advanced engineering technical units, a design and a research project, and professional units. The course, designed in consultation with industry, equips graduates with both outstanding technical skills and the ability to work creatively as part of a team across the breadth of an engineering challenge. 

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is a specialist 4-year degree designed to produce graduates who demonstrate the knowledge, technical capability and practical skills relevant to the contemporary world of engineering. The program is built around the Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies for Professional Engineers and integrates course content with work integrated learning, co-curricular activities, and professional skills development.

UWA Biomedical Engineering

Biodesign Capstone

The Biomedical Engineering specialisation of the Master of Professional Engineering includes the following units that together form the Biodesign capstone. These can also be taken as part of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or an associated Combined Degree.

These units form a capstone experience in which students integrate and apply knowledge and skills acquired in earlier units to a substantial real-world design challenge relevant to their discipline. Students work in teams, typically with four to six members, and are supervised by an academic and/or industry mentor. Teams are responsible for managing their project as well as reporting against milestones and preparing the necessary design documentation. The academic objectives of the unit are to lead students through a systematic engineering design and synthesis process and to better prepare them for professional practice as engineers.

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