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VeinTech is a WA medical device company aiming to reduce the failure rate associated with cannulation. Cannulation is the most common invasive medical procedure to draw blood for testing, or for the delivery of medications. Clinicians fail 40% of the time on the first attempt, resulting in one or more reattempts, at considerable stress to the clinician and suffering for the patient. This can be as high as 70% in patients that are hard to cannulate and in children. This equates to 750 million dollars in wasted Australian health care funds annually. Repeated cannulation attempts result in pain and suffering for the patients and stress and frustration for the health care providers. Delays to successful cannulation result in delays in investigation and treatments, resulting in increased morbidity and longer hospital length of stays. Repeated attempts also increase the risk of serious cannula related blood borne infections which carries a significant increase in patient mortality. VeinTech’s solution is the VeinWave – a handheld ultraportable unit specifically designed to assist with visualising veins to target for cannulation. Our device images and displays simplified veins that are suitable for cannulation quickly, safely and easily, significantly improving the chance of first pass success. The device is cost effective, has minimal training requirement and is able to display the deeper veins that are not visible or palpable.


VeinTech is currenty in an exciting stage of development as its product development approaches a clinic ready prototype and end user studies planned at local hospitals in WA. In parallel, VeinTech is raising its first major seed investment to resource the next stages of development and commercialisation, including engaging potential manufacturers, distributors and engaging potential customers and procurement groups. Digital asset management and improvement will be key for these next stages to ensure professionalism, competitiveness and to generate further momentum of the VeinTech brand. iPREP students with the relevant expertise will be assisting in audits, analyses and revamp of VeinTech’s digital assets and will aid in the creation of new digital tools and content for next stages of the company.


The student will be exposed to a range of disciplines, including engineering, medicine and business and will have the opportunity to craft VeinTech’s brand around the intricacies of the unmet clinical need, product and strategy. Feedback will be provided directly by the company’s directors and engagement with external stakeholders including investors, advisors and end users will be facilitated. The student will have an opportunity to apply their design thinking to revamp digital content and create new tools for future efforts.

Woman Donating Blood



University of Western Australia

Design/ Urban Design


Skills:  Searching for information, time management, problem-solving, attention to detail, teamwork, hardworking, motivation, commitment

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