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Health Academy: Accessible, Interactive, and Immersive Health-Related Education at your Fingertips

Singular Health


Singular Health Group (SHG) is an ASX-listed company with a mission to achieve better health literacy and patient outcome. SHG is a leader in the visualisation of medical imaging data. Our proprietary technology, the Volume Rendering Platform (VRP), enables medical practitioners and patients to convert any standard medical image generated in a DICOM format into a three-dimensional model. Such a model can be explored and manipulated on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or Virtual Reality environment. Through a block-chain based platform, these models can be shared between medical specialists and patients to improve communication around the patient’s condition or surgical procedure to achieve a better recovery ultimately. AI models within the software also enable the design and 3D printing of medical implants and drilling guides that fit the patient-specific anatomy for pre- and post-operative planning. SHG has also developed an open-source website (, HLH) and an online learning platform
(, HA) to offer accessible, interactive, and immersive health-related education to the general population, health practitioners, and secondary and tertiary students.


Health Academy (HA) is an online, multimodal and interactive learning platform that aims to enhance
students' spatial visualisation abilities in health education. HA fills the gap between the need for relevant educational content and individual students' preferred learning modalities by offering fully customisable curriculum-aligned content integrated with interactive resources such as 3D and VR models. These include a fully annotated 3D/VR anatomical model for the study of the human body.

Currently, teaching resources are primarily made of text-based content and oversimplified two-dimensional illustrations of the macroscopic and microscopic organisation of the human body. These images often appear challenging to render in the learners' minds leading to a limited understanding of the structure and positioning of such anatomical parts.

The iPREP Team initially explored the scientific literature around incorporating technological aids into teaching modalities for STEM. They then conducted a competitive landscape analysis, assessing what content other comparative platforms provide, their quality, comprehensiveness and structure. They also looked for curriculum alignment and associated peer reviewed articles.  


Students working on this project expanded on  highly transferrable skills acquired during their PhD program and applied them to a project outside their PhD scope.


These included:

  • Research, analysis and problem-solving skills 

  • Project management and organisation skills 

  • Self-management and learning skills

  • Written and oral communication skills

Virtual Reality Goggles
Abolghasem .jpeg


Curtin University

Microbial Biotechnology

Skills: Microbial biofilm, microbial biofuel, biodegradation, microbial cultures & molecular techniques & advanced microscopy  



Curtin University 

Pharmacy & Biomedical Science

Skills: Molecular evolutionary bioinformatics, microbial ecology, communication skills, wet laboratory skills, strong independent & team work ethic 

Chinh Le .PNG


Edith Cowan University


Skills: Academic writing, teamwork, educational leadership. working independently & qualitative research using NVivo 

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