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Donor Centre Network Optimization

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood


Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is responsible for Australia's blood supply, collecting over 1 million units of blood per annum. Additionally, Lifeblood is has established a human breast milk bank (supplying pasteurised human donor milk to SA, NSW, ACT and QLD), is embarking on a fecal microbiota bank and clinical trial, as well as transplant and organ-matching.


The goal of this project is to establish the role of quantum computing in solving for optimisation challenges within Lifeblood and comparing these to more traditional computing capabilities. Specifically, this project will consider the blood donor centre network with the view to establishing the most effective network with respect to our collection targets, known inputs (e.g. blood types / demand etc) and external data sets (e.g. ABS data, geographical information, mobility etc). The project will involve working with business and analysis SMEs, IT professionals and external vendors e.g. AWS, and using emerging technology such as Amazon Bracket. Outputs could involve developing optimisation algorithms, or a more traditional model.


You will have the ability to use python, understand traditional computing capabilities, cloud principles and have the desire to learn more about quantum computing. You could come from data science, computer science, mathematics or other similar disciplines. Most importantly you bring a sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn.


Note: Candidates are not expected to have experience with Quantum Computing


  • Round 1 2022

  • 3 month placement 

  • Combination of in-person and remote engagement

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