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PYC Therapeutics

Direct differentiation of neurons from induced pluripotent stem cells; characterization and analysis.


PYC Therapeutics is a drug-development company offering a new generation of RNA therapeutics to meet unmet need in disease. We have world-leading RNA targeted therapeutics design capabilities which are supported by our revolutionary delivery technology based on Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs) to overcome the ‘delivery challenge’ in genomic therapies. Our differentiated drug delivery capability and RNA drug design expertise mean we have the skills and capability to discover and develop RNA-targeted therapeutics in a truly innovative way. We have three defined preclinical programs for Inherited Retinal Diseases, and a strong focus on Central Nervous System diseases. Guided by world-class scientists and business leaders who are at the forefront of innovation in their fields, our team has significant experience in the biotechnology sector.



PYC is committed to deliver therapeutic molecules to alter gene expression to treat inherited and acquired disease.  


The candidate will utilise their research knowledge and technical skills to develop and optimise a protocol/s to differentiate neuronal cell types from induced pluripotent stems cells (iPSC) derived from a healthy subject and a subject with a neurological disorder.

Activities will include:

  • Quality Control assessments

  • Investigating the expression of markers of neuronal differentiation using molecular techniques, and immunocytochemistry and microscopy 

  • Stem cell culture and imaging

  • Cellular harvest and processing

  • Designing and run flow cytometric assays

  • Data analysis and interpretation

  • Experimental documentation

  • Present data and communicate outcomes of the project


This work will further PYC Therapeutic’s technical capability in central nervous system (CNS) disease; add to the Company’s fundamental knowledge of the physiological effects of inherited neurological disease; and strengthen the predictive power of in vitro pharmacological assays.   


Our ideal candidate for this placement is and/or has:

  • A meticulous research scientist, enrolled for at least 18 months in a PhD program in a relevant discipline, such as neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology or immunology

  • Experience and competency in cell culture, molecular biology and gene expression analysis and immunocytochemical techniques

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Strong data analysis, written and oral communication skills

  • Works productively in a dynamic team environment

  • Highly organised with the ability to maintain detailed and accurate research records

Highly desirable skills:

  • Experience in biological assay development and optimisation

  • Knowledge of central nervous system biology, genetics and inherited neurological disease

  • A background in neuroscience/neurobiology or molecular biology


The focus and commitment of PYC Therapeutics Ltd is to deliver therapeutic molecules to target cells to improve patients’ lives.


  • 3 months  placement 

  • Combination of online and face-to-face engagement

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