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Using AI to assist in tumour margin assessment & using data to develop a market strategy

OncoRes Medical


OncoRes Medical Pty Ltd (‘OncoRes’) is a private company which spun out of The University of Western Australia and The Western Australian Department of Health in October 2016. It is based in Nedlands. OncoRes was founded at the intersection of medicine, science, and humanity to guide the surgical clearance of cancer in breast conserving surgery and eliminate the physical, psychological, and economic burdens associated with repeat operations.


Our novel imaging technology - Quantitative Micro Elastography or ‘QME’ - produces real-time diagnostic quality tissue images with best-in-class sensitivity and specificity at a resolution approaching histology. OncoRes is developing an in-cavity intra-operative imaging system for use during cancer surgery. Our vibrant and energetic team culture promotes curiosity, vision, restlessness and fun. We are committed to doing the best for patients, customers and our company and are constantly looking to the future and finding new ways to make it better. We love working on big challenges and value the contribution of our teammates and collaborators; always looking to celebrate our success.


OncoRes is currently focussed on a range of product development (technical) and market research (commercial) activities, in order to put its innovative technology in the hands of surgeons.


Our device in development implements algorithms to assess tissue for cancerous regions. We are developing a method to train these algorithms with speed and accuracy using newly labelled data.


We are researching the burden of illness for three types of cancer surgery. This involves consolidating and analysing data from a variety of sources, in order to identify clinical needs which can be addressed with OncoRes’ technology. This project will help formulate key insights for the company’s market strategy.


  • Industry/corporate exposure

  • Appreciation of differences between academic and industry research

  • Collaboration and engagement with the Perth Life Sciences innovation sector


  • Fast labelling of heavy data sets for further training.

  • Shortened iteration loops

  • Better clinical outcomes for patients undergoing breast conserving surgery


  • Identification of further suitable clinical applications for OncoRes’ technology

  • Deepen company understanding of the ‘burden of illness’

  • Deepen understanding of market dynamics relevant to taking a new medical device to market

Operation Theater
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Curtin University

Minerals, Energy and Chemical


Skills: Data Science in Python/Orange and data analysis in Power BI, strong research and analytical/logical/creative thinking skills, programming skills, curiosity/willingness/desire to learn, leadership and initiative

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Macquarie University 



Skills: Communication skills, conducting quantitative and qualitative research, software skills such as BI Power, C++, SPSS, MS Word, MS Excel, Python (Learning), analytical thinking, organisational skills

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