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Development of a reference database for classification of animal health biological parameters



VetChip is a West Australian company founded in 2019 by a highly experienced team of veterinarians and engineers to solve the issue of being able to detect abnormal health parameters in animals who cannot tell us when they are unwell. The initial idea was developed by veterinarian Garnett Hall who believed animals deserved a better technological solution to health prevention than the current standard set by wearable collars and trackers. Along with his brother Max, an equine veterinarian specialist, Garnett partnered with engineers Ross Khambatta, Zyrus Khambatta and Dilesh Wadia to develop the concept into a viable prototype which is in the final stages of development. The company has now grown significantly, garnering industry recognition, significant financial investment, and market validation ahead of a planned commercial rollout in 2022.


Our animal health monitoring device, the ‘VetChip’, measures several biological variables. We must then analyse those variables to determine whether they are low, high or normal. There is currently no known single database that consolidates normal values and reference ranges for common species.

This project will allow us to provide a reference database that can be used to classify normal or abnormal values (including degree of abnormality) for Temperature, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Tissue Oxygenation for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs given specific biological variables (breed, sex, age and weight). This database can then be used to declare whether a reading obtained by the VetChip is normal or abnormal (including the degree of abnormality).


Once reference database has been obtained, VetChip will enable optimal health and well-being of pets and animals, by being able to alert simultaneously pet owners and vets to any abnormal events that could indicate potential injury or illness.

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Edith Cowan University

Medical and Health Sciences/ Neuroscience

Skills: Cell culture, molecular and cellular biology, neurodegeneration, data analysis, critical thinking and problem solving

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Macquarie University


Skills: Committed to excellence, silico molecular dynamics simulation, cell-based functional assay/s, immunocytochemistry/Microscopy

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