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Biodegradable materials for plant pots



Veratin Limited is a publicly listed company (NSX:VTN) developing high value, innovative products from raw waste wool.

In Australia there are over three times as many sheep as people. Australia is a leading grower of wool world-wide, accounting for approximately 25% of the market. However, not all this wool is suitable for the textile industry leaving an abundance of low grade wool with little value.

Veratin works with local farms to purchase low grade wool that appears to have little value. We use green processing to transform this wool into sustainable high value products.

We manufacture and sell our flagship product Verigrow, an amino-acid-rich liquid fertiliser and soil improver, to nurseries, hardware stores, and farms across the country. We are also actively developing products in the cosmetics and nutraceutical space.


Plant pots are overwhelmingly made from non-biodegradable plastic, which contributes to landfill. This project will advance our ambitions of producing a fully biodegradable plant pot that can be planted directly in the ground - providing nutrients to plants and enriching the soil.


The project will advance the student’s knowledge of polymer and material chemistry, and contribute to the development and release of environmentally friendly product(s) to the market.

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Usman Javed

Curtin University

Civil and Mechanical Engineering


Skills:  Polymer (geopolymers, ceramics, plastics) chemistry & experimentation, interdisciplinary research & analytical skills, technical writing & presentation skills, interpersonal communication & leadership, problem-solution focus.

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