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Data driven mental health and wellbeing support



Oqea is the first person-centric mental health and wellbeing digital platform and consumer app to connect consumers, health providers, businesses, family and friends all in one private, safe and secure online place. Oqea is designed to be preventative in nature and empowers people of all walks of life to make healthy connections with helpful people, information, and tools anytime, anywhere, when they need them.


Sadly, there is a growing need for mental health services, with demand far-exceeding supply. The use of technology to support traditional models is growing and with that, the collection of data. Oqea is a digital platform that augments traditional mental health and wellbeing models by providing a person-centred space for care. As a two-sided marketplace, Oqea has a member side that provides a comprehensive place for self-managed or clinician supported care, and a provider side that offers collaborative multidisciplinary care and communication, as well as practice management.

Working on this project students will:

  • Examine and evaluate current data types, sources, and structures within the Oqea platform

  • Identify ways to utilise data driven insights to provide support recommendations to members

  • Identify optimal ways to evaluate and report wellbeing over time

  • Evaluate/identify the cost benefits of digitally supported care


Anticipated outcomes will be in the form of reports and the analysis of a small subset of data from the platform.


Students will get to utilise their skills and work in multi-disciplinary teams to problem solve and gain experience in the digital health industry.

As a company, we will benefit by having research and domain expertise review aspects of the company and provide valuable insights and data to support our mission to enhance the wellbeing of everyone, everywhere.

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Belinda Neo

Curtin University

Population Health


Skills: Qualitative & quantitative data analysis, project & time management, teamwork & collaboration, communication with stakeholders, adaptable and flexible.


Emma/Asma Emamrezaei

Curtin University

Public Health


Skills: Design & implementation of economic evaluations (such as cost studies, cost-effectiveness modelling), review of the literature, evaluation and synthesis of the finding for systematic and scoping review, manuscript preparation and publishing, time management, decision-making and goal setting.

Profile-picture-tej (002).png

Tej Bahadur Shahi


Engineering and Technology


Skills: Machine/Deep Learning (Scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Weka), programming with Python & R, data visualisation & dashboard (PowerBI, Tableau, Matplotlib, Seaborn, ggplot2), drone-based remote sensing and computer vision.

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