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Development of clinical data dashboards and programs for improved data capture and remote monitoring of patients



Emyria is a clinical stage biotechnology company, developing multiple treatments for unmet needs using real world patient data. Emyria is headquartered in Perth and operates several clinical practices throughout Australia where we care for patients who have been told nothing else works. Backed up by high quality data capture systems, Emyria is progressing research projects, clinical trials, drug development pathways and digital health innovation. Using our Real-World Data model, we are accelerating the drug development process to improve patient outcomes and deliver better clinical care to patients.


To capture high quality clinical data from patients, with the aim of using that data to provide better clinical care, we need systems and process to do this. These include platforms, such as our clinical services system and remote monitoring, smartphone app. To capture data, we need to create programs that prompt patients to provide clinically validated and relevant data – including symptoms and mental health assessments, which are triggered based on a predetermined schedule. Setup of these programs also involves user testing before rollout to ensure that events are triggered when required.


Data from the remote monitoring app and our clinical systems are then fed into our Datahub platform, powered by Palantir’s Foundry platform, for analysis and insight generation. Dashboards need to be created to allow for the flow of data through predetermined analytical workflows, so that insights into individual patients and patient populations can be interrogated and investigated.



  • Industry/corporate exposure

  • Digital health and data capture system experience

  • First-hand experience in clinical research studies and their operation

  • Research differences between academia and industry, and how the two can work exceptionally well together


  • Continued engagement with the innovation sector in Perth

  • High quality students with a number of exceptional and diverse skills

  • Development of data dashboards and remote monitoring programs for several research studies.

  • Gain insights into our processes and research studies from highly trained, external experts.

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Doctor and patient


Curtin University

Biomedical Science and Pharmacy

Skills: Molecular biology and protein structure, molecular dynamic simulations and analysis using coding languages, bash and python, research skills including literature search and reviews, written and verbal presentation of data, independent problem solving, collaborating and working well together with others

Ammar Al-Sheidi_Photo.jpg


Curtin University

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

Skills Decision making. brilliant Researcher. leadership, communication, continuous learner

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